Parish Council – November 2021

Thank you – to Graham Dodds, Gordon McQuillen and Trevor Howe for planting crocus bulbs on the Village Green and at Pittfields Corner. Thanks also to Kevin Procter for clearing leaves on the Village Green.

Trees – Scruton Parish Council own and maintain nearly 100 trees. A tree was removed from the village green recently and 3 more dead trees need to be felled. The initiative to plant a tree to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee gives us the opportunity to replace one of these and we would welcome suggestions for location and species of tree.

Village Snickets – There is a long standing question of who is responsible for maintaining the snickets. No one responded to our plea for volunteers to tidy them and if SPC are to accept responsibility for them it will incur additional expense that has not been budgeted for. An estimate of the cost should be available for the next SPC meeting when the question of the snickets will be discussed. If you have any suggestions for the upkeep of the snickets, please come to the meeting or let SPC know beforehand, so that we can come to an informed decision.

Station Road Footpath – SPC have had a productive and helpful meeting with the Highways Agency and Cllr. Annabel Wilkinson about the proposed footpath from Scruton Station to the A684. Whilst there is sympathy about the hazards of walking along this busy road, achieving our ambition will not be straightforward. To help us progress the matter further, it would be useful to know how many pedestrians & children regularly walk along that section of Station Road (or would do so if there was a safe footpath)?