Scruton helps to End Polio

Many villagers have supported Janet Crampton’s fundraising efforts for Rotary Charities, including the End Polio Now campaign which aims to see the worldwide eradication of polio.

In recent years the small number of notifiable cases has been in countries that are inaccessible due to politics, conflict or geography. India has been declared clear of polio but its border with Pakistan is vulnerable. Janet has taken the opportunity to see how some of the fundraising is put to good effect by taking part in an immunisation programme in the Punjab where international Rotarians are helping to immunise young children through house visits and in pop-up clinics where the vaccine is administered in the form of drops on the tongue.

Janet, and all the other volunteers, made the trip this year entirely at their own expense and she extends her thanks to everyone locally who has generously donated to help stamp out the scourge of polio. One million infants have been immunised across India, “we did 183 of them” says Janet!