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Scruton Parish Council

From the Parish Council – December 2022

By Cllr. Syd Nye (Chairman) | 1st December 2022

We thank Kevin Procter for leaf clearing on the Village Green and Trevor Howe for planting bulbs, donated by Kirkby Fleetham WI, on Pittfields Corner.

Benefice of the Lower Swale

From the Rectory – December 2022

By Editor | 1st December 2022

The Christmas hype has started. I doubt many people look to the weeks before Christmas with the word ‘quiet’ in mind.


Farming News – December 2022

By Malcolm Barker | 1st December 2022

I can take things a little easier this month. Apart from bagging and selling potatoes, I can catch up with jobs around the farm.

Coore Memorial Hall, Scruton

Sociable Warm Space

By Editor | 1st December 2022

Volunteers from St. Radegund’s Church have agreed with the Coore Memorial Hall to hold open times this winter when Scruton residents can socialise in the village hall.

Nature Notes – December 2022

By Editor | 1st December 2022

by Andy Johnson The Twelve Days of Christmas is an old English Carol* featuring mainly animals.  A partridge is an English or grey partridge. Turtle doves are now rare but occasionally seen locally. French hens are thought to be Breton hens. Calling birds (or ‘colly’ in early versions) meant blackbirds. Gold rings were thought to…


Gardener’s World – December 2022

By Elizabeth Davies | 1st December 2022

Slight frosts have turned dahlia foliage black and it is time to cut them down.

Advent Displays 2022

By Editor | 1st December 2022

Look out in Scruton windows & gardens for 24 days of Advent.

From the Rectory – November 2022

By Editor | 27th October 2022

November is a month of remembering, from All Saints to All Souls, to Armistice Day and then, ‘Remember remember the 5th of November’, fireworks and bonfires.  

Scruton Parish Council

Parish Council News – November 2022

By Cllr. Syd Nye (Chairman) | 27th October 2022

Bulbs, Memorial, Trees & Drains


Farming News – November 2022

By Malcolm Barker | 27th October 2022

The hot, dry summers we get now are not conducive to growing potatoes. Once the temperature exceeds 25 degrees, potatoes go into survival mode and the yield suffers.


Gardeners’ World – November 2022

By Elizabeth Davies | 27th October 2022

GQT – Many thanks from Scruton Allotments to everyone who supported our Gardeners’ Question Time, we raised over £200!

Nature Notes – November 2022

By Editor | 27th October 2022

Tuesday 18 Oct. began sunny but by mid-afternoon the easterly wind and grey clouds brought a huge migration of red-wings and blackbirds from Scandinavia.

dog fouling

Dog Mess on the Village Green

By Editor | 1st October 2022

The Parish Council have received a complaint from the grass cutters that they had to clean their machines from excessive dog mess after the last cut.


Farming News – October 2022

By Malcolm Barker | 1st October 2022

In the farming game, the snakes are more numerous and the ladders are getting shorter. Government policies are changing fast and are less predictable.


Nature Notes – October 2022

By Editor | 1st October 2022

Summer is over and after a very good breeding season and swallows, house martins and swifts are on their way to Africa.

Coore Memorial Hall, Scruton

Harvest Supper 2022

By Editor | 1st October 2022

Scruton’s Harvest Supper will be on Friday 14th October at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.


Chris Snell 2022 Potato Challenge Update

By Editor | 1st October 2022

Revised plans for this event will be circulated shortly via Network Scruton and have been posted on the Allotments web site.


Gardeners’ Question Time in Scruton

By Editor | 1st October 2022

The Allotment Association are holding a Gardeners’ Question Time for all garden based topics at 7 pm on the 20 October in the village hall.

Fireworks Quiz Night – Oct 2022

By Editor | 1st October 2022

There will be a Quiz Night in support of Thankful Village Fireworks at the Coore Arms, 7 pm on Sunday 23 October.


Gardeners’ World – October 2022

By Elizabeth Davies | 1st October 2022

The recent welcome rain has seen roses flowering for the second time. Later flowering perennials such as Helianthus and Michaelmas Daisies have recovered well from the dry weather.

Village Christmas Card – 2022

By Editor | 1st October 2022

The theme for this year’s Village Christmas Card is the Twelve Days of Christmas as created by Scruton residents in December 2021.

Annabel Wilkinson

Parish Council News – September 2022

By Editor | 31st August 2022

SPC would like to thank our County Councillor Annabel Wilkinson for unveiling the plaque for our Jubilee Tree.

Station Visitors from SA

By Editor | 31st August 2022

Descendants of Henry Hutchinson, Scruton’s Station Master in the 1920s, visited Scruton in August and were amazed to see the renovations to the once derelict building.


Farming News – September 2022

By Malcolm Barker | 31st August 2022

As I write, harvest is now almost over, with one small area of spring barley remaining.