COCID-19 Coronavirus

Hambleton COVID-19 Testing Available

By Editor | 29th April 2020

Public information issued on behalf of the Ministry of Defence and Department of Health and Social Care As part of the national roll out of the Key Worker Testing for Covid–19, a military run drive-through Mobile Testing Unit will be operating from the car park of Hambleton District Council’s Civic Centre in Northallerton on Tuesday 28th April…

clean up dog poo

Dogs Still Fouling the Footpaths

By Editor | 27th April 2020

Despite warnings issued by the Hambleton Dog Warden when he visited Scruton, some irresponsible dog walkers are still not cleaning up after their dogs. You must clear away dog faeces and use the bins provided!


The Humble Potato

By Editor | 27th April 2020

Chris Snell will leave potato tubers and growing bags outside 6 The Parklands for villagers to help themselves and enter the Scruton Allotments Potato Challenge.

From the Rectory – May 2020

By Editor | 27th April 2020

As I sit at my desk watching the birds out of my study window, trying to retain a sense of humour and a sense of self, I reflect on the strangeness of the current situation we live in. Time has slowed.

VE Day

VE Day 75th Anniversary

By Stephen Elmer | 27th April 2020

Our Local Church Council had planned to celebrate VE Day with a party in the village hall. The village still intends to have a traditional celebration once the restrictions are lifted.

Sky at night May 2020

Scruton Sky at Night – May 2020

By Editor | 27th April 2020

Twilight begins to persist all night with no truly dark nights until the end of July. Now is a good time to see Noctilucent Clouds. These are thin, high clouds of ice crystals that catch the light of the sun, which even at midnight is not far below the northern horizon.


Nature Notes – May 2020

By Editor | 27th April 2020

April is the month when winter gives way to summer. The winter thrushes have been replaced by house martins and swallows, of which we have one or two already.


Farming News – May 2020

By Malcolm Barker | 27th April 2020

Seen from my tractor window, one of the few good things to come out of the lockdown is the number of families walking around the village. I hope this family time continues when the current crisis is past.

Mayford House Surgery

Mowbray House arrangements

By Editor | 18th April 2020

COVID-19 has required the practice to process unprecedented change within a very tight time frame. We’re conscious that a lot of what we have had to undertake would have ordinarily taken a great deal of planning, preparation and consultation with you before it was rolled out but we have had to act quickly. Therefore we wanted to take the opportunity to send an email with some of the changes we have implemented.

Coore Arms Grocery Ordering Service – Price Amendments

By Stephen Elmer | 16th April 2020

Due to changes in wholesale prices, there is a NEW ORDER FORM for Grocery Orders from the Coore Arms this week If you use the spreadsheet version: please download a new Order Form from the pub web site: or email for Orders: If you use the paper version: make sure you use the…