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solar panels with sheep

Solar Farm Questionnaire

By Editor | 27th February 2021

Scruton Parish Council thanks all parishioners who completed the questionnaire. A total of 190 forms were distributed, of which 107 were returned by the deadline.

Typhoons landing at RAF Leeming

Additional Flying at RAF Leeming – February 2021

By Editor | 18th February 2021

There will be increased aircraft movement for an exercise taking place from RAF Leeming from 23 February to 19 March 2021. The Station will be hosting various multi-national aircraft throughout that period. Low flying for short periods may be necessary, along with some exercising at night. We understand our responsibility as good neighbours to inform…

Scruton Parish Council

Parish Council Opportunity

By Clerk | 12th February 2021

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that due to the resignation of Phillip Langan, a vacancy has arisen in the Office of Councillor for the Parish Council.

solar panels with sheep

Scruton Solar Farm

By Editor | 29th January 2021

Lightrock Power – are proposing to develop a solar farm on 150 acres of land between Leeming Bar and Scruton. Originally called ‘Leeming Bar Solar Farm’, the development is now to be named ‘Scruton Solar Farm’, as a result of early public feedback.

From the Parish Council – February 2021

By Editor | 29th January 2021

Although official Council meetings are suspended due to Covid-19, the Council has nevertheless continued to operate on behalf of Scruton residents.


Farming News – February 2021

By Malcolm Barker | 29th January 2021

The phone call came out of the blue. Was I interested in renting out some land for a solar farm? This was pushing at an open door with me because I have heated our house for the last 30 years with logs gathered from our own woodland and have always tried to find the most environmental route to follow.

Salmon and otter

Nature Notes – February 2021

By Editor | 29th January 2021

The main physical feature of Scruton is the river Swale which essentially forms the eastern boundary of the parish. It is a fast-flowing river which has created spectacular meanders and is, on a geological time scale, rapidly changing its course.

Jezero Crater, Mars

Scruton Sky at Night (Mars Special)

By Editor | 29th January 2021

The night skies are fairly ‘quiet’ this month with a full Moon on the 27th. There is, however, a close encounter on the evening of the 18th between the crescent Moon and, just above it, the planet Mars.

Benefice of the Lower Swale

St Radegund’s Church Services Suspended

By Editor | 12th January 2021

The Church continues to be alive and active, but our buildings must close for public worship.

Leeming Solar Map

Proposal for a Solar Farm on land between Leeming Bar and Scruton

By Editor | 6th January 2021

An application (Ref. 20/02813/SCR) has been submitted by Lightrock Power to Hambleton Planning department on 11 December 2020 for a solar farm on land between Leeming Bar and Scruton.

Sky at Night

Scruton Sky at Night – January 2021

By Editor | 1st January 2021

A full moon on 28 January is the only special event this month. However, the night sky is very dark and there should be excellent views of the Milky Way on clear nights.

Benefice of the Lower Swale

From the Rectory – January 2021

By Editor | 1st January 2021

Wishing you all love and peace for 2021. A New Year dawns, with new challenges, but may it be a positive and joyful one.

Nature Watch – January 2021

By Editor | 1st January 2021

Following a forty-year long upward trend, 2020 may have been the warmest year on record in the UK. The impact on nature is incremental and slow changes are not very obvious.


Farming News – January 2021

By Malcolm Barker | 1st January 2021

January was named after the Roman god Janus whose head had two faces, one looking forward into the coming year and the other facing backwards to the old year.

End of Year Reflections – 2020

By Editor | 1st January 2021

Scruton residents were asked, ‘What one thing stands out for you from 2020 and what do you most look forward to in 2021?’

St Radegund's in snow

Church Services – December 2020

By Editor | 28th November 2020

Due to Covid-19 there are no services at present, but the church is open for private prayer.

Scruton Parish Council

From the Parish Council – December 2020

By Editor | 28th November 2020

Dog Waste Bin, Leaf Clearing and Footpath Funding

St Radegund’s Church – December 2020

By Editor | 28th November 2020

Elizabeth Davies – has retired from the role of assistant Churchwarden and given up her position on the Parish and Local Church Councils.


Nature Notes – December 2020

By Editor | 28th November 2020

This Autumn is one of the warmest on record with no frost of any note as yet. Consequently, Summer flowers are still in bloom.

Scruton History Group Inaugural meeting

By Editor | 28th November 2020

On 28 February there was an inaugural meeting of the Scruton History Group attended by over 20 people.


Farming News – December 2020

By Malcolm Barker | 28th November 2020

When I left school, farming was simple. Produce food for people to eat, as much as possible to feed the nation. The more we farmers produced the better off we were financially. By the time of the Ethiopian famine, I thought that we could help feed the world.

Sky at Night December 2020

Scruton Sky at Night – December 2020

By Editor | 28th November 2020

At 7 am on 12  December the thin waning crescent Moon will be low in the SE, with Venus to the lower left. This should be a spectacle as the Earth will be illuminating the night hemisphere of the Moon.

Benefice of the Lower Swale

From the Rectory – November 2020

By Editor | 31st October 2020

I love Autumn: the colours and smells, yet it seems such a short season in comparison to the winter it leads into.

Scruton Parish Council

Parish Precept

By Editor | 28th October 2020

With effect from April next year, the precept for Scruton Parish will increase by £250. This will mean a cost to each Parish household of around £1 per year.