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Please let Stephen Elmer have articles for the newsletter by email, phone or note. For other parish matters contact any councillor or the clerk.


Parish Council noticeboards are located at the village hall and on the village green. A public-access noticeboard is located in the bus shelter opposite Pittfields Corner.

Scruton Information Signboard

A ‘Thankful Village’ signboard located on the village green near the Church, tells the story of Scruton from its ancient origins through to it becoming a Thankful Village.

Sky at Night

Sky at Night – July 2020

1st July 2020

The earth is at Aphelion at mid-day on 4 July, which means that it is at the furthest distance it can be from the Sun. On 6 July, the full moon passes just below Jupiter in the SSE sky, and with Saturn to the upper left, this makes an interesting sight.

Hedgehog Cam Success!

1st July 2020

For his birthday, Ian Hobson bought himself a Raspberry Pi, which some of you may know is a small but powerful micro-computer, about the size of a credit card.


Farming News – July 2020

1st July 2020

The landscape has suddenly turned green since last month. The parched grass (which can reveal archaeological features) has become vibrant and is now growing fast. 

Look Back in Time

30th June 2020

In July 2000 – a time capsule was buried on the Village Green as part of the Millennium celebrations.  A plaque commemorating its burial is stored at the Village Hall along with information about the capsule’s exact location and instructions for opening in 2100. 

The benefice of the lower Swale

St Radegund open for Private Prayer

30th June 2020

To arrange access for private prayer please contact John Mainwaring-Taylor (tel. 748 617) to agree a convenient time. You will be welcome to enter the church at the pre-arranged time but you must maintain social distancing and follow strict hygiene rules

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